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Max Arias How Can Financial Literacy Combat Wealth Inequality?

As A Former Teacher’s Assistant In Finance Max Arias Knows About Financial Literacy

It’s Important To Understand What Financial Literacy Is – Max Arias. Being financially literate is the best tool to dismantle wealth inequality. These two terms are being bandied about the financial world like gangbusters currently. Just what is financial literacy? According to, financial literacy is the ability to understand and properly apply financial management skills. These skills include  Managing debt, accurately calculating interest, and understanding the time value of money. These are some of the characteristics of being financially literate.

However, financial literacy and financial education are two different things. Max Arias is an up and coming leader in the financial world. He and others would want to stress the difference. The difference is in the APPLICATION of the skills to your situation.  

Max Arias Wharton (13)Max Arias, What Is Wealth Inequality? Wealth inequality is simply the disparity of wealth between different groups of people. Wealth being the amount of assets that an individual holds. These assets can include money, bonds, stocks, property as well as private pension rights. This is not a new problem though it has been getting a lot of press lately. The common thread is that people who are disadvantaged usually have low financial literacy and suffer from a significant wealth inequality. Max Arias and other experts agree that this is something that can be remedied. Learning how to apply good financial practice to your financial situation is the remedy. When properly applied, financial literacy can bridge the gap in wealth inequality. For example, investing in a high-interest bearing vehicle will yield increased financial assets.

Max Arias Paid The Price To Engage In The Conversation. Education is the first step in changing wealth inequality. It is also the first step in acquiring financial literacy. Max Arias has dedicated his life to improving the financial situation of others. Graduate of Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania, Max Arias studied Finance and Behavioral Economics. Hailing from the greater Philadelphia area, Max Arias is a native Pennsylvanian. He volunteers as a financial literacy tutor for children in middle school. Starting early is key in combating wealth inequality. Changing one’s mindset about how they view wealth should start as early as possible.

Max Arias is also interested in B2B software and how it serves companies that operate in the supply chain, logistics, and health care service industries. This sphere is daunting to the layperson, However, Max Arias has a handle on it and is passionate about learning more. In fact, he wants to increase the efficiency, flexibility, and access to logistics in healthcare services. He’s in the right place to pursue his goals and passions. Learning how to take care of your finances is a critical part of being a mature and responsible citizen. Max Arias has decided to be a transformative force in Finance. 

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