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Max Arias, Graduate, of Wharton Business School: Is Behavioral Economics A New Concept?

Max Arias of Wharton Business School: A New Voice In The Financial Sphere

Max Arias Wharton (13)Max Arias of Wharton Business School Studied Behavioral Economics. What is this field of study all about? reports that Behavioral Economics is the study of psychology as it relates to the economic decision making processes of individuals and institutions. They go on to state that there are two very important questions in this field of study. These questions are as follows: Are economists assumptions of utility or profit maximization good approximations of real people’s behavior? Do individuals maximize subjective expected utility? Max Arias of Wharton Business School also studied Finance. He wants to make a great impact on the world by understanding how to help people make better decisions about their health and their money. Unfortunately, in the world those things are interconnected in many places.

Max Arias of Wharton Business School Is At The Beginning of His Professional Career. 

Behavioral Economics has been around since 1976 when, according to, economist Gary S. Becker related his “rational choice” theory in his book, entitled The Economic Approach to Human Behavior. This publication is regarded as the first. However, according to, Richard Thaler is considered one of the founding fathers of Behavioral Economics. He won a 2017 Nobel prize for Economic Sciences.

Change The World, Max Arias of Wharton Business School   

Behavioral economics also has a great space in the field of marketing. If behavioral economists can understand why people make the financial choices that they do they will be able to market and influence their behavior. This influence can turn into profits for companies that employ them. However, though Max Arias of Wharton Business School wants to work as a private financial investor, he is not interested in taking advantage of people who cannot make sound financial decisions. Rather, Max Arias of Wharton Business School is interested in increasing the efficiency, flexibility, and access to logistics and healthcare services. In other words, he wants to make the world a better place by ensuring access to those who have who would otherwise be denied healthcare. Using his creative Innovations the world is sure to be improved greatly when he enters the workforce. Max Arias of Wharton Business School is a graduate  – ready to take on the problems of the world.

Max Arias of Wharton Business School: You Are Right You Have Heard Of This School Before! 

The Wharton Business School of The University of Pennsylvania is world-renowned for good reason. Not only do they tout many famous alumni, but they are also known for being the very first business school established in the United States. Opening in 1881, the Wharton School has three locations currently, (Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Beijing). Max Arias of Wharton Business School is proud to be able to add his name to the alumni. No doubt, he is taking the finance world by storm with his compassionate take on how to use financial acumen to access better health care. In addition to these ideals, Max Arias of Wharton Business School has countless innovative goals he plans to achieve in his financial career.

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