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Max Arias Discusses the Rising Issue of Inflation in the Economy

Inflation Is a Serious Issue Facing the Economy and Max Arias Provides Education on This Important Topic

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone and this public health crisis has led to an economic one as well. Max Arias is a financial professional who studied the various factors that have an impact on the economy. One of the issues that is taking place right now is inflation. While most individuals and families might not feel the impact of inflation right now, this is something that could play a role in the future. Therefore, it is a good idea for everyone to listen to professionals such as Max Arias in inflation, the economy, and what the future might hold.

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Max Arias Wharton

Max Arias Defines Inflation in a Straightforward Manner

First, it is important for everyone to know what inflation is. According to financial professionals such as Max Arias, inflation takes place when the average worth of currency, such as the dollar, decreases in value. On average, inflation in the United States takes place at about two to three percent per year. For example, if a gallon of gas costs one dollar this year and inflation is three percent, then that same gallon of gas costs $1.03 the next year. While some degree of inflation is to be expected over a prolonged period of time, the pace of inflation is increasing. Given that the interest rates on most checking accounts are pretty low, this could have an impact on the purchasing power of the average individual.

Max Arias Discusses Why Economic Inflation Is Happening Today

There are a number of reasons why inflation is taking place. According to Max Arias and other financial professionals, inflation takes place when there is a rising demand for goods and services. Furthermore, inflation could also increase when there is a demand for wage increases. At the same time, the biggest reason why inflation is taking place right now is that the Federal Reserve is printing more money. If there are more dollars to go around, then the average worth of each dollar drops. This information from Max Arias should help everyone understand inflation at its basic level.

Max Arias Discusses the Potential Impact of Inflation on the Economy

If inflation continues to accelerate, this could lead to significant issues with the economy. According to Max Arias, hyperinflation is something that takes place when inflation gets out of control. While the United States is a long way from hyperinflation, according to Max Arias, this has happened before in the Weimar Republic, with post World War I Germany. The German Mark was devalued due to hyperinflation to the point where people were burning paper currency to heat their homes. If everyone works together and remains diligent, then we can beat the pandemic and restore the economy to its former glory.

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